Friday, February 10, 2012

Spring (shopping) Fever...already!

Every year towards the end of July/beginning of August - right around the time everyone is gearing up for Back to School and I've had enough of the heat and humidity - I start to long for the fall season to arrive so that we can all bust out our sweaters and boots.  When the cooler weather finally arrives (much later in the South than here in Iowa) and it's time to put away the flip flops and tank tops, I am so ready for it.  I have a handful of cute little jackets and a few favorite sweaters that are fun to wear, and I also love the sassy look that just about any pair of boots can add to an outfit.

But - if I'm being honest - I have to admit that I tire of my fall wardrobe quickly.  Truthfully, I find winter coats and jackets to be quite uncomfortable and I feel like I am stuffed into them so tightly that I may never get out.  I also despise static cling and being shocked (or maybe I'm the shocker) by everything and everyone that I touch.  Let's not even talk about what it does to my hair.  Long hair and static are not a good combination.  And while I do love boots, they make my feet sweat and that's not so attractive or comfortable either.  So maybe fall fashions aren't so great after all?

Part of the reason that I have tired of my fall wardrobe so quickly this year also has a lot to do with our move to Iowa.  Those cute and sassy boots?  Not so cute covered with mud and muck created by melting snow.  And the static is even worse here - if that's possible!  And while we're being honest, what's so cute and trendy about being bundled up in 86 layers of clothing while the wind blows my static filled hair into my face smearing my lipgloss all over my cheeks?  And hats just aren't my thing either so forget keeping my head warm and my hair out of my face by going that route!

So needless to say, I'm ready to put away the coats, sweaters and boots and trade them for loose, flowing sundresses and strappy sandals.  No more bulky layers!  No more static!  I even think that spring time accessories are more fun.  The shoes for sure (no more pretty polished toes being stuck in sweaty boots), but even the handbags and jewelry are more playful and colorful.  And let's not forget the sunglasses!  Of course the sun shines year round (although it doesn't seem like it here in Iowa during the winter months) but when spring and summer roll around everyone is ready for a new pair of shades.

Yep, I think that I'm ready for spring and the fun fashions that come along with it.  Of course, I'm sure that I'll tire of the sandals and sundresses after endless weeks of desert-like temperatures and the stifling humidity that causes those new sunglasses to fog over the second that I step outside.
Mother Nature just can't win, can she?

Oh well!  For now I am looking forward to warmer temperatures and less layers!
Here are a few things that I have my eye on for this spring!

Tory Burch leather Miller flip flop - available in several colors!

Pantone named "Tangerine Tango" as the color of the year for 2012
and this is Essie's take - Orange It's Obvious nail color.

Shades of light green like mint and pistachio are also predicted to be big
colors for the upcoming spring season.  Essie nail color in Navigate Her.

Paisley is a hot print for spring and this tiered skirt from Forever 21
looks pretty and comfy!

Love the bright yellow color, soft leather and chunky shape
of this handbag from Target.

Ahhh, Tory Burch - love!  This bag is made of twill, which
is great for spring and summer, and the backpack silhouette
is perfect to take along on vacation. 

Glossy Garden necklace by Kate Spade.
Love the color and the flowers!

Butterfly sunglasses by Prada!

This stretchy mosaic bracelet from Forever 21
is great because it will match just about any outfit.

Here's to a Happy Spring Shopping season!
For more info on color trends and some of the must-have looks for this
spring click here.

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