Monday, September 26, 2011

Design Dilemma

So remember last week when I wrote about planning Addyson's big girl room and I was sooooo excited about the bubblegum pink and turquoise color scheme?  Well, thanks to Pinterest I found something that I like even more.  Go figure.

The pink is still there for sure but instead of turquoise the other color is more of a powdery/periwinkle blue.  It is so beautiful - clean, crisp and still girly.  And not something that I ever would have thought of on my own.  Love it!  

Of course this means that the $7 bedding will have to go back to Kohl's and I'll have to find something different to replace it.  What are the odds of finding another bedding set for only $7?  Slim to none I'd say.  

But as soon as I saw these photos I fell in love with the color scheme so I'll have to deal with the bedding predicament and move on.  I think it will be worth it!

Isn't this room amazing?  Photos via Chic and Cheap Nursery

Monday, September 19, 2011

Planning Addyson's Big Girl Room

Addyson turned 3 in June and is still sleeping in her crib.  We did remove the drop side about 2 months ago, so technically she's now sleeping in a mini daybed of sorts.  Okay, it's still a crib.  I was just trying to make myself feel better.  Didn't work...

Truthfully, time got away from us and the next thing we knew we had a 3+ year old that was still confined to a crib and starting to look a little silly in it.  And truthfully, we don't have extra money to spend on a new bed and everything else that goes along with it.  I mean, she can't get a new bed without also getting new sheets, comforter/quilt, pillow, etc.  And I don't like to do things half way so when we get the new bed/bedding I would also prefer to decorate and complete the entire room.  Who wants a room that's only half complete?

Of course, me being me and being a plan ahead kind of person, I choose a color scheme for Addyson's big girl room a few months ago.  And like with Cooper's aqua and orange theme, I couldn't just go with something common and typical.  I had to make things difficult for myself again.  I choose turquoise and bubblegum pink.  Not too far out there, but not something that is gracing the shelves and displays of any and every store in town.

So as usual I took to the internet to look for ideas and inspiration.  Still not a lot to work with!  Thank heavens for Pinterest!  I was able to find a handful of photos and ideas there.  And Google is a life saver too.  I don't know how I ever survived without Google.  And blogs.  So many blogs.  

Now I have a color scheme to work with, but no money and limited ideas.  Should be interesting.  I was able to score a twin size comforter with a standard sham and a super cushy and cute floor cushion at Kohl's for only about $7.  Yes, I said $7.  They had select bedding sets on clearance for 70% off and I had a store credit that was burning a hole in my pocket, so I paid a whopping $7.  I was proud of myself for that deal.  And even better, the colors were exactly what I had envisioned!  Still smiling now.  

Of course, a new issue has come about since purchasing the amazingly inexpensive bedding.  I found a bed that I love and it is pink.  Adorable, girly and pink.  And affordable.  So what's the problem?  I'm not sure that the bedding is going to look quite right on the pink bed.  Problem is, the bed is an internet only item so I can't take the bedding to the store to see how they will look together.  Why do I get myself into these predicaments???  Super cute bed versus super cheap bedding.  Who wins???  Or can I pull it off using both the bed that I have my sights set on and the bedding that I mistakingly stumbled upon and scored for such a great deal?

This is the floor cushion from Kohl's and the bedding also features the same medallion print.

Pink headboard similar to the one that I am contemplating.

What do you think?  Will the aqua medallion bedding look too busy on the bubblegum pink bed?
Stay tuned as I plan and execute this turquoise and pink haven!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday's Wish List

I took the week off again last week because I just had too much going on but I'm back with a new Wish List for this week!

I love this color scheme and zig zag print from the Missoni for Target collection.  Too bad it sold out only hours after being launched!

Another goodie from Target - this upholstered ottoman will fit with any color scheme/decor type and the top is removable with storage inside - great for hiding toys!

This beautiful fashion print from Laura Trevey is on my "Want List" for Addyson's big girl room that we are starting soon!  There are actually 4 coordinating prints that are on my list:)

I'm drooling over these wool wedge heels from Bettye Muller!  With a price tag of $235 I think I'll be drooling for awhile, like forever.

Can you tell I'm ready for Fall with my wool finds?  I adore this Walker Park Tate handbag from Kate Spade.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to School Fun

I've been slacking on the blog writing lately but that doesn't mean that I don't have anything to share.  It just means that I am a busy momma with 2 of my 3 kids back in school - different schools this year, which makes it even more difficult to juggle schedules - and 1 little guy by my side at all times.  Not a lot of time to get (and keep) the creative juices flowing or to sit down at the computer and type my thoughts.

So school is back in session and for the first time this year I got really into it and did some fun and crafty things to make this time of year extra special.  I've mentioned before that I love a reason (any reason) to have a party or decorate or bake or just celebrate!  So why not do those things for Back to School?

My oldest started kindergarten this year so that got me feeling especially sentimental and really wanting to make great memories for my kids as they head off to school.  We always take the standard 1st day of school photos - new outfits, new backpacks, etc. but this year I wanted to do more.

Lucky for me there are tons of great Back to School ideas floating around out there!  So many that I wasn't able to do everything that I wanted to do.  Thank goodness we have many, many years of school ahead of us so I will have plenty of opportunities to use all of these ideas.

Here's a peek of some of the Back to School cuteness that I found on various blogs and other sites:

I made a few of these pencil vases (super easy) for a Welcome Back breakfast at our preschool but I skipped the homemade Oreo apple pops and used real flowers instead.  Great idea from Shindig Parties To Go.

I never got around to making these but it's such a cute and simple way to make plain old cupcakes part of the Back to School theme!  Hershey's candy bars are used for chalkboards and red M&M's make the apple!  Photo from Amazing Moms.

Love these printable signs to use as photo props for 1st Day pictures!  Free from  I Heart Naptime!

We made these pencil treats for Rylee's friends before they headed off to Kindergarten and they were a hit!  Rolo candies and a Hershey's kiss make a cute pencil.  From The Blackberry Vine.

Amazing faux dessert table - all of the items are actually school supplies and are not edible but what a fun idea!  From the always amazing Amy Atlas.

And Back to School time is officially in high gear!  I hope that your little ones are enjoying the start of an amazing school year!