Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What They Wore

The weather here in Iowa has been very mild so far this fall (today's high temp is going to be around 77 degrees which makes this cold weather hater happy!) so the kids have been able to get even more use out of their summer wardrobes this year.  That pleases me since I was able to score some great deals on summer clothes at the end of the season.  I was a bit worried that living here in the midwest they might only get to wear my late summer bargains for a few weeks, but it's almost November and the weather has been cooperating nicely.  Some mornings we (we being the girls) do need a little something warmer so we throw a cardy over their outfits and they're ready to go!

Here are a few photos of what the kids have been wearing lately:

Target top, baby Gap skirt

baby Gap shirt, Old Navy cargos

One of my late summer bargains -
Persnickety top and coolots

Plaid shirt by Fore!!Axel and Hudson, white tee from Target,
Old Navy cargos

Another late summer deal -
Persnickety top and coolots

An e-bay deal!
Matilda Jane Peppermint dress
Apparently I don't know how to rotate photos so I apologize!
Old Navy top, flower pin from Claire's, Matilda Jane Gentry skirt

Matilda Jane Milky Way tee and Dairy Queen skirt.  

I'm trying to do a better job of remembering to take photos of the kids actually wearing the clothes!  

I'm sure that Mother Nature will show her true colors soon and we'll finally be able to break out some of our Fall Fashions, but for now I'm enjoying the warmer temps and the prolonged use of our summer wardrobes!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Party Picks

Once upon a time (a long, long time ago) I wrote this post about the infinite party theme ideas that swim around in my head continuously, and my intention was to make it a regular thing but somewhere along the way that idea was lost.  Lucky for you, I found it:)

The Little Man's 3rd birthday is fast approaching and even though a theme has already been chosen I couldn't help but to peek around the web at a few other fun ideas for boys.

Check out these amazing birthday party ideas for boys!
Rainbow art party seen on Project Nursery.
Super hero theme with fresh and unexpected colors featured on Amy Atlas.
Full party details here.
A fun and unique "One-Eyed Monster" theme featured on Amy Atlas.
More pictures and details here.

How amazing is this table inspired by the movie Cars 2?
Check out the full post here.

Construction Zone party (our choice this year!) featured
on Amy Atlas.  Check it out here.

Awesome Lego party from Anders Ruff.

How fun are those???  And don't worry, I've got lots of equally awesome theme ideas for girls too and I'll be sharing some of them soon!

Monday, October 1, 2012

What We {THEY} Wore

I really liked the way that the 3 W's in the title "What We Wore" looked and sounded, but then I realized that "we" generally includes the "me" or "I" that is speaking/writing and since I prefer not to flaunt photos of myself in my various sweatpant/t-shirt combos there really is no "we" here.  So this is a post about what THEY wore.

And actually it's not so much a post as it is some photos, so enjoy!

Rylee's 1st day of school outfit - shirt and skirt from Gymboree,
shoes by Nina kids.

Addyson's 1st day of school outfit - dress from Seaside Swank collection
by Swanky Baby Vintage, leggings from baby Gap and Lelli Kelly shoes.

Rosette dress from Candy Coated Carnival collection
by Swanky Baby Vintage, leggings from baby Gap. 

Top and pants from Candy Coated Carnival collection by
Swanky Baby Vintage.

I forgot to photograph the child actually wearing this outfit - oops!
Matilda Jane "Emilia" dress and "Scrappy" leggings.

Another childless outfit!
Shirt from Old Navy, skirt by Persnickety Clothing.

And yes, my son does wear clothes and I will be taking photos of him too for future posts.  I don't always have my camera handy and my kids don't always cooperate so I have to work with what I have for now, but stayed tuned for more "What We They Wore" posts!