Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Deals and Steals

Who doesn't love a good deal?  Am I right?  Of course I'm right.  Duh.  I'm always on the look out for a good deal, but I'm especially frugal when it comes to buying things for myself for a few reasons:

1.  I think we've established that I enjoy shopping for my kids waaaaay more than I enjoy shopping for myself (and yes, I know that seems to crazy to most people but I'm ok with that).  This means that I also spend more money on their wardrobes than I spend on my own, so I have to be on the look out for bargains.
2.  My mom "uniform" consists mostly of sweatpants, leggings and a few pairs of jeans, along with some oversized t-shirts and sweatshirts and a few hoodies.  If I'm at home (or even out running errands) I insist on being comfortable.  Believe it or not, I do not roam around my home or Wal-Mart decked out in trendy outfits and fancy shoes with a full set of accessories adorning my neck, wrists and ears.  Most days make-up doesn't make it onto my face and there seems to be a bobby pin permanently attached to my bangs.  Don't get me wrong, I love all things fashion but I'm no Emily Maynard all dolled up in the car line or on the sidelines at the soccer game.
I'm sure that when I tell people that my degree is in fashion merchandising they think that I am lying through my teeth.  In my defense, I do make sure that my sweatpants/shirt/shoes coordinate somewhat and that I'm not wearing anything dirty or ripped:)  And I have never worn slippers or actual pajama garments out in public.  If I happen to be making an appearance at one of the kid's schools or actually spending time with other grown ups (you know - like going out to dinner or having drinks or something fun like that?) then I always make an effort to look put together and fashionable, but any other time it's full on comfort for this momma!
What was the point to reason #2???  Oh yeah, basically the moral of the story is this:  since I rarely "dress up" I prefer not to spend a lot of money on articles of clothing (or shoes or accessories) that will not be worn frequently.  If I'm going to spend a large sum of money on an item, then it needs to be a staple piece in my wardrobe and be worn often.  Gone are the days of purchasing a new outfit every weekend so as not to be seen wearing the same thing twice!  Items must be practical, versatile and reasonably priced for me to buy them!

This post is a little wordy considering that my point in writing it was simply to show off a few of the deals and steals that I've brought home recently, so without further ado here you go:

Expres handbag - regular price $59.90, MY price $17.99.

Target earrings - regular price $7.99, MY price $3.98.

Big Buddha shoes - regular price $39.99, MY price $13.99.

And of course, some things for the kiddos (or just Cooper in this case):

"Charlie Brown" shirt by Fore!!Axel and Hudson - regular price $38, MY price $18.

"Midnight" sweater by Fore!!Axel and Hudson - regular price $38, MY price $18.

"El Ace 2" by Puma - regular price $42, MY price $9.97 (these were actually
on sale for $24.99 but I used an Amazon gift card to lower the price even more).