Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fun Finds Update

So a few weeks ago I wrote about some of the "fun finds" that I was super excited about and I said to check back for photos, so here is an update!

Our "surprise skirty's" from PrettyMe (check her out on Facebook and/or Etsy) arrived Monday and all I can say is "oooh la la."  Love them.  Adore them.  Can't get enough of them.  What fun!  Angie was amazing to work with - so pleasant and helpful!  And the best part?  She is super fast too!  She whipped up the skirts on Friday and they were in my mailbox on Monday!

Now, these little goodies are supposed to be a complete surprise, she chooses the fabrics and you just trust that it's going to look great, but since I had specific necklaces that I wanted the skirts to coordinate with I did give Angie just a little bit of direction.  I never saw any of the fabric choices, I simply told her what colors I was looking for and asked her to make the 2 skirts different.  Without even knowing my girls she chose the perfect combinations for each of them and the skirts look great with the necklaces!

A friend of mine is taking photos of the kids this Saturday and the "surprise skirty's" are part of wardrobe #2 so I'll be posting more photos after our session, but for now here is a peek at the cuteness.

Surprise Skirty's from PrettyMe

Necklace from The Snootie Pig on Etsy

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