Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Designer Deals

Okay moms, do you want stylish and trendy, high quality designer clothing for your child at a discount price?  Duh - who doesn't?  I love, love, love so many designer brands but I'm on a tight budget these days so I took the plunge and signed up for some of those online "members only" private sale websites.  And guess what?  I have actually found some pretty good deals on real designer clothing for my little ones.  I wasn't sure if these sites were legit or if I was going to be bombarded with spam and junk e-mails, or be sucked into some sort of crazy scam or identity theft ring (you just never know these days!) but I have been pleasantly surprised.

My favorite of these sites and the one that I have had the best luck with is The Mini Social,  This site was started by 2 moms just like you and me looking for a great deal on some of their favorite designer children's brands and it has taken off!  I placed an order around Christmas time and that same night I saw The Mini Social featured on an NBC nightly news segment about holiday sales and the increasing popularity of warehouse sale sites.  Talk about great publicity!  They also offer some items for us moms and you will receive a $10 credit when any new member that you invite places their first order.  Plus, this week only receive a $20 credit just for referring 5 friends!  So hurry and when you sign up for The Mini Social be sure to say that I invited you:)  I need all of the credits that I can get!  And then be sure to invite your friends so that you can earn your credits too!

Some of the other sites that I have signed up for are Totsy, Zulily and Haute Look.  There are many others and the hot trend of online warehouse sales seems to be producing more sites like these every day so I'll keep you posted and let you know if I spot any others that are worthy of your membership:)  If you have any favorites please be sure to send them my way too!

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