Monday, April 30, 2012

What Mommy Wants

Mother's Day is quickly approaching (can you believe that it's almost May already???) and while I'm having trouble coming up with unique but practical gift ideas for my own mother, I'm having no problem compiling a Wish List of things that I would like to receive.

Most of my wanted items are small and inexpensive.  I mean, of course there are things that I want that have a $300+ price tag but I know that I'm not actually going to get any of those items.  We are still on a budget around here after all.  And I tend to feel guilty when large amounts of money are spent on a single item.

So let's get to it - here are some of the things on this mommy's Most Wanted List!

"Born on the Bayou" dress from Spool No. 72
Order it here.

"Sweet Designs" book by Amy Atlas,
the Queen of the Dessert Table.
Available at many retailers.

White denim jacket.
This one is from Nordstrom but I've also seen
cute ones at Old Navy, Gap and American Eagle.

Set of 6 enamel zig-zag rings.
Available here.

Because I am such a party planning freak there are 2 books
on that topic that made my list:)
"celebraTORI" by Tori Spelling
Available at many retailers.

And just for fun - here are a few of the pricier items that have caught my eye recently:

Kendra Scott earrings
available at Layla Grace.

Zanzibar bauble necklace
from Oliphant Design.

Tory Burch "Robinson" backpack
available here.

Wood beaded necklace by Rossana Fani
available here.
You might notice an accessories theme happening in the more expensive category.  I do love jewelry and handbags!  Problem is, I cannot justify spending tons of money on things that can't be worn/used every day or at least a few times a week.  The items on List #1 are much more affordable and practical, and all things that I would get a lot of use out of.

Happy Mother's Day!

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