Monday, April 16, 2012

Entryway Makeover

We have been living in our current home for about 6 months now and while I feel that I've accomplished a lot in the way of decorating, I still have TONS to do.  My taste and plan for the house continues to evolve, so even after a certain area or project is "finished" I find myself going back to tweak a bit.  Such is the case with our entryway.

We have a console/sofa table that I have owned for years upon years.  I'm pretty sure that I had it before Matt and I ever even met, so for at least 9 years.  It is an inexpensive piece from Target and thankfully a pretty classic style, so it has sort of fit in wherever we have lived.  Actually, it has fit into the entryway of each of our homes over the past 9 years.  Always the same table with a few picture frames and other knick knacks on it and a mirror of some sort hanging above it.  Until now!

It started off as the same old table - a few picture frames, a bowl from Ikea and a set of candlesticks.  Everything gray and white.  Nothing hanging above this time.  I racked my brains trying to think of ways to incorporate yellow since the color scheme of the great room is yellow/gray/white, but the table is only so big and we're stuck with the walls as they are since we are renting.

BORING!!!  Beige, gray and white!
But then I saw this photo on Pinterest:
Console table with wallpaper backdrop.  
Ah-ha!  There's my yellow!  And sort of in a big way but without being too much.  Now, where to find yellow wallpaper?  Ugh, wallpaper is expensive and then there's the whole process of hanging it, and since this is a rental home we can't do anything permanent or something that will damage the walls.  So maybe wallpaper is not the best choice for our home.  So then what?  I'll tell you what!  I decided that if I could get a piece of fabric large enough that I could turn it into faux wallpaper and hang it behind my table.  And thanks to and the sewing talents of my aunt (I needed her to cut it down to the correct size and finish the edges for me) I was able to do just that and for less than $25!  Much less expensive than buying wallpaper and much less labor intensive!

Premier Prints suzani corn yellow fabric.
But something still wasn't quite right.  Still not enough color.  I started adding pops of turquoise in other areas of the upstairs (we have an open floor plan where the living/dining areas and kitchen are all one large room) so I decided to add some here too.  And just my luck - Target was having their Buy 1, Get 1 50% off home decor sale so I was able to score 2 lamp bases and 2 shades for around $50 total.

So now I have my yellow backdrop and my pops of turquoise!  And we are ready to revamp the entryway!

Ta-Da!  I still need to work on pinning down
the sides and bottom of the fabric but it's close!

And with the lights off.

Next I want to ditch the runner rug underneath the table and purchase a nice big rug for the entryway, and ideally the walls would be painted gray, but since this is a rental we are somewhat limited with what we can do.  For now though I'm happy with this!

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