Friday, April 8, 2011

Miscellaneous (Easter) Madness

Is anyone tired of my Easter posts yet?  I've had so much fun decorating and crafting for this holiday!  And I'm not done yet!  It's not just Easter, it's Spring time, and I have always loved spring so maybe that's why it's been so much fun for me.  Spring is such a happy and lively time with the sun shining, flowers blooming, birds singing, and kids playing outside.  Everything is awake and alive and rejuvenated after the winter.  I am not winter's biggest fan so I welcome spring with open arms!

The following are just some random Easter/Spring decorations throughout our house that I wanted to share.  Enjoy!

I googled DIY Easter crafts and this wreath was one of the first things that caught my eye.  I love that it's not a traditional wreath and it was relatively easy and inexpensive to make.

Here's how I did it:
*White frame - $4.99 at Michael's
*Grass mat - $2.49 from Shindigz
*Decorative eggs - taken from an old wreath that I no longer use
*Ribbon - $2.99 at Michael's
Cut the center out of the grass mat.  Use glue gun to attach eggs to grass mat.  Remove glass from frame and place grass mat inside.  Tie ribbon around frame and mat and hang on wreath hanger.

These decorative jars filled with Peeps also caught my eye b/c Peeps are not only my favorite Easter candy but one of my all time favorite candies period!  This idea is so simple and cute!

*Jars $2.99 and $3.99 at Ikea
*Peeps $0.98/pack at Wal-Mart
*Jelly beans $2/pack at Wal-Mart
*Ribbon $1.99/roll at Michael's
Arrange Peeps in jars facing outward.  Fill center of jars with jelly beans to hold Peeps in place.  Tie ribbon around lids.

And this little Easter "basket" from Target acts as a book tote for all of our Easter reading.  Only $5 and very sturdy!  The perfect size for holding books and for the kids to carry.

I promise that I'm almost done with the Easter madness.  I still have the dining room table scape to share and then probably some baking fun but that should just about do it!

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