Friday, April 15, 2011

April Designer Spotlight

Wow!  I got so carried away with the Easter madness that I almost forgot about doing a designer spotlight blog post this month.  Ooops!  That's what happens when I start crafting, decorating and prepping for a holiday.

This month's designer is Twirls and Twigs.  The owner/creator/designer of Twirls and Twigs is Shawna Dalton and her clothes are amazing for many reasons -
As described on their website - "Shawna turns sustainable fibers, designer leftovers and recycled cotton into trimmed and bountiful whimsy that reconciles style with substance."  I couldn't have said it better:) And who doesn't love adorable, unique clothing that's green too?

I bought our first pieces from this designer a few years ago from an online boutique but then discovered shortly thereafter that Nordstrom's was also carrying the brand.  I still purchase mostly through online retailers because the selection is much greater and I can usually find the sizes that I need easily.  Due to the fact that most of the materials are left-overs or recycled fabrics there are often limited quantities of each piece, which makes them all the more unique.  I have also discovered that the same style of a specific piece may have slight and barely noticeable variations, like different buttons or a different color trim, but I actually like that about this brand.  I love the uniqueness of each piece and the fact that someone can take scraps of leftover materials and make such a beautiful piece of clothing.  I wish that I were that handy and creative!  Being able to sew would probably be helpful too.  Maybe someday...

Can you believe that these pretties were made from scraps and recycled fabrics?

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  1. I fantasize about being able to sew too, Heather!