Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Easter Mantel (more madness)

My parents are arriving for a visit tomorrow and I started to panic because I realized that I haven't completed a lot of my Easter decor projects.  Do my parents really care?  Of course not.  But I do!

So while the kids napped today I spent almost 2 full hours making a game plan and executing it.  As I mentioned before I am overwhelmed with ideas, and narrowing it down to just a few has been tough.  I've made several trips to Michael's and Target and finally decided that if I don't have everything that I "need" by now then some of the projects just are not going to happen this year.  I need to go with what I do have and get it done so that we can all actually enjoy my efforts.  And so today was quite productive.

I finished the fireplace mantel and made a wreath for our front door, plus I started on the dining room table scape.  I started on the mantel over a week ago but I kept adding things, moving this and that, taking things away, etc.  Finally today it is done and I am happy with it.  For now.
- Of course the much talked about mini egg trees from Target were the first things to go up.  Only $2.50 each and super cute!  The little ornaments were also $2.50 and there were enough in 1 pack to use on both trees, so the grand total of that mini project was $7.50.  Not too bad.  And the cute little bunnies that I placed beside each tree are also from Target and came in several different fun, springy prints and patterns.
- Next up on the mantle is my fabric "Happy Easter" banner.  That one is an oldie but goodie.  It came from Home Goods several years ago and if I remember correctly it cost less than $10.
- Then there are those cute little bunny and chick paper lanterns.  Only $1.99 each at Michael's but very labor intensive.  It took me over an hour to put those things together.  An hour and a lot of glue.  There is a reason why they were only $1.99.  I doubt if they will be around next year.  But they are cute for now!
- And hanging in mid-air with the paper lanterns are my egg tree ornaments from a few years ago.  Since I used the sequined ones on my tree (the bigger egg tree that is displayed on our kitchen island) this year I didn't need these, so I found another fun use for them.

How cute is the bunny with the mini egg tree?

I love using fishing wire to create the illusion that things are hanging in mid-air.

And there you have it - The Easter Mantel!

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