Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Farewell Tour of Charlotte

Saying good bye to the Queen City after almost 15 years!

Even though we aren't quite sure of our exact departure date, I am planning a Farewell Tour of Charlotte.  Part of me is excited to visit all of my favorite restaurants, shops and other hot spots in the near weeks, but the other part of me is sad knowing that I may not ever have the chance to visit them again.

I am certainly planning to come for a visit (or several), and in my heart of hearts I am hoping that we end up back here sooner rather than later, but there is always a chance that we won't or that in the meantime some of my favorite places might close (that would be tragic!).  So I feel like I need to cram them all into this short period of time, just in case.

My list is growing by the day but here is what I have so far (you may notice a food/shopping theme):
Mai restaurant - best sushi I've had here!  And a well kept secret.  If you ever go order the sapporro roll.

Pewter Rose Bistro in South End
Pewter Rose - my favorite brunch spot!  I must have a mashed potato omelette and mimosas here before leaving.  And the butterscotch scones of course!  This is where I held my bridal luncheon too:)
Encore Bistro - This is only on my list because of the yummy raspberry snow cone martinis - best drink ever!

Amelie's French Bakery in NoDa - eclectic decor and amazing food!
Amelie's Bakery - Though I've only been here once it quickly became one of my favorites.  The ambience combined with the best desserts ever won me over!
Cabo Fish Taco - If you've never been here you must go.  Such a cool setting in NoDa and great food too!
The Melting Pot - an oldie but a goodie!  I have always loved big group dinners here with the cheese fondue, main course and then of course, chocolate fondue.  I've never left hungry, that's for sure!
Alexander Michael's - historic setting uptown, amazing chicken pitas and the best fried pickles!

Edible Art cake
Edible Art - best cakes ever!  Not only do they taste incredible but the design work is amazing too.  Our wedding cake and just about every cake I've ever ordered for any occasion since has come from here.

And on to the non-food related stops on my tour:

Shopping Mecca 
Southpark Mall
More specifically - Tory Burch, Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Kate Spade, Urban Outfitters, Tiffany &Co., Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Pottery Barn Kids.  Can I afford most of those places?  Nope, but I sure do love to wander around and pretend that I can. Before I leave I will have the Tory Burch bag that I've had my eye on though!

Beautiful stone bridge at Freedom Park - seen in many movies!
Freedom Park - just because it's such a beautiful park and a Charlotte landmark.  I've taken many walks through this park over the years and eaten lots of funnel cakes during the Festival in the Park.  Great place!
Ikea - duh.  It took forever to get one here and now I have to up and leave.  I could wander around there all day.  Love that place!
Home Goods - I've checked out my shopping options in Iowa and found that most of my favorite stores have locations near where we will be living, except for Home Goods.  There isn't one in the entire state of Iowa.  Sad but true.
Nordstrom Rack - again, Charlotte finally gets one and now I'm leaving!

Home of the Carolina Panthers!
Bank of America Stadium/Carolina Panthers football game - this one probably isn't going to happen b/c I have such limited time to catch a game but I have some great memories of tailgating and cheering the boys in black and blue on.
Off Broadway Shoes - who doesn't love to wander around a store with thousands of pairs of shoes?

Just reading over that list is exhausting!  Sometimes I forget how many great things Charlotte has to offer.  And that's just scratching the surface!

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