Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday's Wish List

I took the week off again last week because I just had too much going on but I'm back with a new Wish List for this week!

I love this color scheme and zig zag print from the Missoni for Target collection.  Too bad it sold out only hours after being launched!

Another goodie from Target - this upholstered ottoman will fit with any color scheme/decor type and the top is removable with storage inside - great for hiding toys!

This beautiful fashion print from Laura Trevey is on my "Want List" for Addyson's big girl room that we are starting soon!  There are actually 4 coordinating prints that are on my list:)

I'm drooling over these wool wedge heels from Bettye Muller!  With a price tag of $235 I think I'll be drooling for awhile, like forever.

Can you tell I'm ready for Fall with my wool finds?  I adore this Walker Park Tate handbag from Kate Spade.

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