Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pinterest Projects

Ahhhhhh Pinterest!  What would I do without you and your endless ideas and inspiration for home decor that I can't afford, birthday parties that are way out of my league in terms of budget and DIY craftiness, recipes I'll never get around to making, clever quotes that I'm not clever enough to think of myself, and last but certainly not least - wardrobes that will never hang in my closet?  Ahhhhh!

But what fun you are.  I've already lost hours of my life to you.  I have totally cheated on Facebook with you.  On occasion I have even briefly neglected my children and husband for you (as for housework, it's been way more often and not so briefly).  A few times all of this has actually ended with the completion of a project that I found on you.

Even if I had all of the time, money, energy, determination and craftiness in the world it still wouldn't be enough for me to make all of my pins reality.  But here are the few, small Pinterest projects that have become real, completed ones!

Project #1
Easter "wreath"  - Pinterest version.

Easter "wreath" - my version.
This was my 1st Pinterest Project that I completed last year at this time!

Project #2
St. Patrick's Day wreath - Pinterest version.

St. Patrick's Day wreath - my version.

Project #3
Wall plaque photo "frames" - Pinterest version.

Wall plaque photo "frames" - my version.
I joined Pinterest about a year ago so you'd think that in that time I would/could have completed more projects than just these 3 simple ones, but what can I say - life gets in the way sometimes!  Of course, it doesn't get in the way of me sitting in front of the computer for hours at a time until my eyes can barely move and I'm drooling ever so slightly as I gaze at photo after photo on Pinterest, but it does get in the way of me actually getting up out of this chair and DOING the projects:)

In my defense I will say that I have tried a few recipes found on Pinterest and some of the decor in our new home was inspired by photos on Pinterest, but as far as actual DIY projects these are the only ones that I have done.  For now.  But I've got lots of pins to turn into reality so be on the lookout for more soon!  I'm coming for ya Pinterest!

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