Thursday, January 26, 2012

Decorating Our Home Sweet Home

Awhile back I wrote this post about the yellow and gray color scheme that I wanted to incorporate into our new home here in Iowa.  Our last home in NC was a rental and there were many things about it that I didn't care for - ugly light fixtures and cracked linoleum floors in the kitchen and bathrooms to name a few.  We are renting again but in a much cuter house that suits my taste much better, so this time I don't feel like it's a waste of time or money to do some decorating and make it ours (even though it really isn't).

I started with the dining/kitchen area.  This house does not have a formal dining room but more of a great room that combines the kitchen, dining and living rooms.  Before we left NC we sold the table and chairs from our formal dining room and used the money to buy something more practical and suitable for our needs.  I made a trip to Ikea with all 3 kids (something I do not recommend doing) to purchase the new table and chairs just a few days before the big move.  In case you are wondering, the closest Ikea here is almost 4 hours away and the products that I purchased are not available to ship, so yes I had to put myself through that ordeal.
Bjursta dining table from Ikea.  Expands to seat 8-10 people.

Nils armchair with dark gray cover.
Since the dining area is part of the kitchen there really isn't much that needs to be done in the way of decorating because the cabinets and appliances occupy most of the space.  I am working on a few DIY projects for a small wall in that area but aside from that I'm done there!

In the living room portion of the great room I still have a lot of work to do, but I'm trying to be patient and find all of the right elements to make the room work.  I'm not good at the patience thing - when I want something done I want it done now and in it's entirety.  One major obstacle - trying to find gray slipcovers for our currently beige and stained microsuede sofa and loveseat.  Seeing as how these are quite large pieces of furniture that one cannot easily ignore it's sort of a big thing to be lacking.  And without the gray slipcovers I see no point in purchasing the new yellow and gray throw pillows that I have my eye on either.  There are a few small things that I still need want for the living room but the slipcovers are by far the most important and necessary.

Here are a few of the things that I have purchased so far:
Citrine chevron rug from Dwell Studio.

Woven felt basket from Target.  Makes a great magazine and book holder.

Lack coffee table from Ikea.

Home Sweet Home print from Curry on the Couch (an Etsy shop).

I'll be taking photos of the actual house soon.  I'm trying to "complete" the look before I put any pictures out there - part of my obsessiveness and need to have things be perfect I guess.  

And if anyone knows where I can find some affordable, non-fitted, gray slipcovers PLEASE let me know.

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