Thursday, July 28, 2011

Party Planning Gone Wild

I should probably keep this tidbit of information to myself as I'm sure that most people will find it a bit crazy and obsessive, but I can't stop thinking about "it" and my mind is spinning with thoughts, so I have to spill the beans:

I have already chosen a birthday party theme for each of my 3 children's next parties.

Yes, Addyson just celebrated her birthday less than 2 months ago.  And yes, I have already chosen a theme for her 4th birthday NEXT June.  Rylee's 6th birthday isn't until January, but we're all set with a theme for that one too!  And the little guy won't be turning 2 for another 3 1/2 months but guess what?  Yep, the theme has been chosen!

I just keep seeing so many incredible ideas and I can't stop my mind from going into party planning mode.  It's a bit scary actually.  The amount of thought that has already been put into parties that are still many months away is surprising even to me, but I cannot make it stop!  And don't even get me started on all of the holiday parties and not-really-a -holiday-but-a-reason-to-have-a-party parties that I want to have too.

In the midst of all of that thinking I did a little theme trading.  I chose a theme for Cooper's 2nd birthday a few months ago but then found one that I liked better for him.  The problem was that I couldn't let go of the other one that I thought I wanted for him because it was just too cute and unique not to do it.  So after much deliberation and thought (I sure do think a lot!) I decided to use the original "Cooper theme" for Addyson's next birthday, which is how she has ended up with a theme almost a full year before her birthday.  Crazy, right?

I'm not going to divulge the details of the themes that I have chosen for the girls because both of their birthdays are still several months away and it's quite possible that things could change during that time, but I will tell you a little bit about Cooper's 2nd birthday party.

Drum roll please..........
I dare anyone to say that is not a cute idea!  Again, it is a borrowed theme from a blog site that I frequent, but I already have some of my own ideas to throw in.  Right after I saw that post I received the new Chasing Fireflies catalog and opened it to find a 2 page spread featuring a sock monkey party so then I knew for sure that it was meant to be.  I am so stinkin excited!

Sock monkeys remind me of my childhood and spending time at my grandma's house.  There were 2 or 3 sock monkeys hanging around her house - who knows how old they were - but my cousins and I always had fun playing with them and they were always there waiting for us.
When I think of my grandma's house and all of the memories that were created there (LOTS of memories), there are certain things that stand out in my mind and always symbolized "Grandma's House" - the owl cookie jar (that now sits on my kitchen counter), playing dress up in grandma's nightgowns, aprons, jewelry and high heels, rocking on the porch swing, having tea parties, and the sock monkeys.

Just another reason why I knew that I had to do the sock monkey theme!  Cute, fun, unique, and nostalgic.

I'm hoping that my party will look a little something like this:
Image from Shuterbug and the Sweet Life.
Check back in November when Cooper finally celebrates his 2nd birthday and my Sock Monkey party comes to life:)

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