Friday, July 22, 2011

Back to School - Back to Shopping!

Having been in the retail and wholesale industries for 10 years of my life and now working a part time retail job again, I should not be surprised to see that stores are in full blown Back to School mode already, but it never ceases to amaze me when the pool toys, patio furniture and picnic gear are packed away on July 1st to make room for notebooks, binders, and backpacks.  Summer is barely even half way over yet, many haven't taken their vacations, and the hottest part of the season is just kicking into high gear, but you'll be hard pressed to find a bathing suit or beach tote anywhere.

I'm not necessarily complaining because this has been a HOT summer and we really didn't have much planned in the way of activities or vacations, but I am feeling a bit sad that school is just around the corner already.  Technically I still have a little over a month to spend with my little ones before they head off to school, but the time just seems to keep flying by.  It feels like school just ended and now I'm supposed to be buying backpacks and school supplies???  My oldest graduated from preschool (tears!) in June and I was hoping that this summer would drag on forever so that I wouldn't have to send her off to kindergarten, but alas here we are in a sea of school supplies, uniforms, backpacks and lunch boxes.

Having said all of that, I will admit that I am excited for all of the Fall clothing that is already hitting the stores.  As a kid I always loved Back to School shopping and debuting my new wardrobe for my friends to see.  Granted it stays warm here for quite awhile, so any sweaters and boots will be stowed away in a closet until at least October, but it's still fun to shop.  Really, when isn't it fun to shop? 

I already have a growing wish list of must have items for my girls.  Note, that I said for my girls.  Not for me, not even for the little man - but for my girls.  Since the day Rylee was born and every day since then she and Addyson have had a much more extensive and expensive wardrobe than me.  I wear sweatpants and t-shirts most days while they wear trendy little dresses w/matching hair accessories and sparkly shoes.  I am sooooo not complaining because as I have mentioned before, I am obsessed with children's clothing.  I would rather shop for them than for myself any day of the week.  And the reason that I am dressed in raggedy sweats and t-shirts is not because I don't have any decent clothes but because I don't have time to get myself ready after dressing 3 children, combing their hair, washing their faces, and helping them put their shoes on.  And on school mornings we also have to remember to pack their backpacks and make sure they make it out the door with us.  So that leaves little time for Mommy to get dressed, apply make-up or comb her own hair.  And I'm okay with that.  Most days anyway.  Thank goodness for car line!!!

So this post is leading to another one, one that will hopefully become a regular post on my blog.  Something that I think I'm going to call  Wednesday's Wish List!  Each Wednesday I will post the top 5 must have items that I have spotted that week.  These items will mostly be fashion related but will also include household items including decor and cooking items, along with other fun things like toys, books, gadgets, etc. for both grown-ups and children.

Next week will be the debut of Wednesday's Wish List so check back then!

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