Tuesday, June 19, 2012

1000 Yards of Tulle

Ok, so 1000 yards might be a slight exaggeration but as I continue to take down party decor from Addyson's Cinderella bash this past weekend it sure does feel like an accurate number to describe the endless amounts of tulle that I am untying, unhanging, and un-whatever else you do with tulle.

Apparently tulle was my favorite material this go around.  It's great because it's inexpensive and versatile, and it comes in just about any color you could possibly need.  It's also very girly!  I stocked up on multiple rolls in light blue, silver and white when it was on sale at Hobby Lobby for 50% off several weeks ago, but I had to make several trips back to buy more because I kept running out.

Among the tulle laden projects for this party were a DIY tutu wreath for the front door, tutu favor bags for the guests, bows tied on the back of each of the 10 dining chairs, and just for kicks at the last minute I put a few random strands outside in the faux pumpkin patch on the front porch to add a little more oomph!  

I'm really not sure exactly how much tulle I used but I am estimating that I bought at least 12-15 rolls and each roll was 24 yards (or maybe 25?) long, so by my math that equals A LOT!

Here's a peek at what I did with all of that amazing stuff called tulle!

Tutu favor bags.
I borrowed this idea from Etsy and made a much
less expensive version using supplies from Hobby Lobby.

This was the table for the Birthday Girl and her preschool friends.
I also tied bows on the chairs at our dining room table.
I used 3 strands of tulle for each chair to make the bows more full.

Tutu wreath for front door.
This was another Etsy item that I turned into a DIY project.

A random strand of tulle added a little whimsy
to the faux pumpkin patch on our front porch.
Sort of reminds me of fog or mist hanging over the pumpkins.

Full party post(s) are coming up soon!  I'm still in the midst of undecorating and cleaning up the aftermath, but as soon as my house is returned to it's normal state and thank you notes have been written I will have time for a more detailed post!


  1. Absolutely beautiful party-the attention to detail was ridiculous! Loved it! :)

    1. Thank you! I'm still taking down decorations:)

  2. Love your blog too by the way! :)